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Waterglobes & Snowglobes

Popularity of these classic Christmas gifts are on the rise…but our selection includes many designs besides holiday! Although we brought in many different styles, we only have a small number of each design so we encourage you to stop early to find the perfect one! At this point, our selection includes:

  • a number of selections from Roman Inc. that include Fontanini nativities, nature scenes, and later this year a musical pedestal waterglobe that will be featured in our fall catalog!
  • Pipka this year has a wonderful line of waterglobes that feature Santa from different countries (Wine Country, Ireland, Scotland, Sweden, Poland, Czecholavakia, and others)
  • Kneeling Santa…a great way to celebrate BOTH the popular and the religious aspect of the Christmas season.
  • too many to list….really!

Some have water….some have snow….some have glitter. Some are musical…and on some YOU have to provide the music:-)

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