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Gourds by Meadowbrooke Gourds

Our Selection

Sorry to say that we have very few gourds in stock this season. Lack of space…not lack of love!

History/Fun Facts

The story of Meadowbrooke Gourds began in 1994. It was a rare combination of circumstances that involved one curious farmer, a few dried gourds and a whole lot of ingenuity. The in-between of then and now has been filled with Wows, Ya-Hoos, Round-n-Abouts, Giddyups, Oh Noooos, the frequent and delightful ooooos, aaaahhhss, tempered with the occasional screams of agony. These sentiments and exclamations are echoed among these twenty or so souls who now make up the family of Meadowbrooke. The initial moment of inspiration belonging to Ben Bear has now spread to those who work and play together as they hand craft each gourd we make and it is now ours alone. Over the years it is the enthusiasm of those who delight in what we create that sustains these moments of inspiration. To always try harder, always do better and because of this we know each gourd that leaves our farm will find a warm home in which to live. Simply said, we have been rewarded in the best ways for doing what we love.

The place where we live is inspriring in its own right. Our farm lies at the roots of the Blue Mountain in central Pennsylvania. Here is where all our gourds are grown, as well as the exceptional people who create them. We have a unique perspective on how we run our company but this is not surprising considering what we do and those of us who choose to be here. You see, we feel the spark of inspiration runs through more than just the gourds we create. Each of us gets to choose how much we work, how much we want to do, and the hours we work. We also share all financial decisions and our meetings, conversations and book keeping are open to everyone. Every year we go on a company vacation together, no really, we all go together, and this is where we dream about the future and what part each of us would like to play…Perhaps this simple way of working together sounds odd because so few choose to take this road, but it has worked very well for us over the years. It has given us more freedom, the occasional moment of insight and countless hours of ping pong games. We hope if you are ever in the Carlisle area you stop by and see for yourself what we do, how we do it and this group of good hearted people behind it all.

The Folks Making These Wonderful Gourds!

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