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Brandywine Woodcrafts

Marlene Whiting, the designer and creator of the Brandywine Collection, lives and works in Yorktown, Virginia and still designs every Brandywine wooden building. Her dedication to her craft, and her attention to detail, inspired us to ask her to create a collection of miniature wooden buildings. In the Elmira Landmark Collection, we’ve chosen some of our favorite Elmira buildings and asked Marlene to reproduce them. Perfect above a doorway…or in any room in your home, it’s a conversation starter whether you live in Elmira or just have fond memories of your time here. Each building costs between $22.00 - $25.00 (depending on size usually) and includes a brief history on the back. $250.00 from each new building release is donated to a local charity.

Built in 1938 to replace a wooden grandstand destroyed by fire, Dunn Field was a gift to the City of Elmira by banker and philanthropist Edward J. Dunn (1868–1927). It has been home to minor league teams of the Dodgers, Browns, Senators, Phillies, Orioles, and Red Sox with many players reaching the Major Leagues. Babe Ruth and Earl Weaver played there. It is the current home for the Elmira Pioneers. 13th in a Series: Available September 23rd.

Welcome to Elmira Sign

Located on East Church Street in Elmira, NY, against a backdrop of Twain’s study, this 3-dimensional sign features the likenesses of famous Elmirans: Brian Williams, Hal Roach, Ernie Davis, Mark Twain, Eileen Collins, John Jones, and Tommy Hilfiger. 14th in a Series: Available October 23rd.

The Chemung County Landmark Collection

Arnot Art Museum

Built in 1833 as the home of John Arnot, in 1910 the mansion and its art treasures, valued at over 2 million dollars, were donated by the Arnot family for the purpose of establishing and maintaining an art gallery with free access to the public.

Chemung County Courthouse

Located in the County Seat of Elmira, New York, the courthouse was designated by Horatio Nelson White. It was erected in 1862 next to the original courthouse circa 1836 which still stands. It has been pronounced an architectual beauty of convenience and durability.

Chemung County Historical Society

Built in 1834 in the Federal style, this building was the original home of the Chemung Canal Bank, and is where Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) did his banking while summering in Elmira. One of the oldest buildings in downtown, it is now owned and operated by the Chemung County Historical Society. 6th in the series.


Mark Twain Study

Built as a gift for Twain in 1874 by his sister-in-law Susan Crane, the Study is shaped like a riverboat wheelhouse. Twain, born Samuel Clemens, wrote some of his most famous works in the Study on Quarry Farm. In 1952 the Study was moved to the campus of Elmira College.

The Christmas House

Architects Pierce and Bickford designed this Queen Anne Mansion and it was built by Justus B. Harris in the 1890s. It was purchased by Daniel Sheehan, local mayor and dry good store owner, in 1904. An apartment building since 1942, it was converted by Elaine and Tony DiBiase into The Christmas House in 1983 and became a Painted Lady in 1989.

Trinity Church

Built in 1857 at a cost of $30,000., this building replaced the original 20-year-old structure which stood at Church Street and Railroad Avenue. A “Memorial Room” was donated by Marianna Arnot Ogden in 1882.

Suggestions for Future Elmira Landmark Releases

  • The Brand House
  • The “Old Eagles Club”/Community Arts Building
  • Eldridge Park Carousel
  • S.F. Iszards Building
  • Mark Twain Building
  • Old Fannie Farmer Candy Store
  • St Patrick’s Church
  • St Josephs Hospital
  • St Mary’s Southside
  • Elmira Reformatory
  • Pierce’s Restaurant
  • Moretti’s Restaurant
  • Old St. Joseph’s Maternity Hospital
  • St Peter & Paul’s Catholic Church (the oldest Catholic Church in town)
  • Foster House
  • John Jones House
  • Sullivan’s Monument at Newtown Batterfield
  • Ernie Davis Statue
  • Hazlitt Building
  • Old Railway Station
  • Catholic Church
  • Teal Park Bandstand
  • Original Horseheads High School
  • Pudgies Pizza
  • O’Brien’s on Wavery Hill
  • Lovell’s Ice Cream (this has been suggested by a few of you!)
  • Whipple Lumber
  • Barracks No. 3
  • Coca-Cola Building (2nd Street)
  • National Soaring Museum
  • Downtown Landmarks such as the department stores (Rosenbaums, Iszards, Gorton Coy and Furmans, Jesse Green, Werdenbergs, Woolworth/Kresge, Newberry’s, Fanny Farmers, etc), Theatres (Roxy, Colonia, Capital, Keene) THANKS to Joyce & Bob for these ideas!
  • American Hotel (thank Joe J. for the idea!)
  • Langdon Home
  • Union Station (5th Street)

Thanks to all of you for contributing ideas for upcoming years!

Do you have an idea for a building that we should ask Marlene to consider? Click here to email us your ideas and we’ll put it on our list to consider. Generally, we release 2–3 buildings each year.

Seasons of the Heart Collection

One of Marlene’s most popular creations, the Seasons of the Heart Collection, features a wooden home for each month of the year. In most cases you can guess what month the building represents by just looking at the colorful flag hanging outside the building, or by taking a peek at what you are able to see on the home’s windowsill or front porch. As with the Elmira Landmark Collection, these buildings are flat wooden buildings that capture the magic of each month and season of our year. Prices for the Seasons of the Heart Collection range from $13.50 - $18.00.

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