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Memory of the Dearly Departed

Memory of the Dearly Departed

More folks are opting to give gifts, often a bit after the service or celebration of the life of the person, rather than sending flowers. Or perhaps they are doing both but this sure is an area that receives a lot of attention these days. So if you are in need of a gift in this category, here are some of our thoughtful gifts

  • Our best-selling item is an ornament/bookmark set called “Merry Christmas from Heaven” that comes in pewter and gold (pewter is the most popular). The pewter one sells for $18.00 and the gold-toned one for $20.00.
  • The Next Place” book is a wonderful well-written book that always makes me feel better when I read it. It is how I hope that “the next place” really is after we die.
  • Collage photo frames…or any frame will work that you can put a photo in to commemorate a particularly touching or funny scene. One of my favorites includes a lovely poem that is sure to please.
  • Pewter remembrace pieces by Cathedral Art have been popular and there is quite a variety.
  • Angels---many of our angel lines are popular as bereavement gifts and some, like Jim Shore, Angel Blessings, and Foundations, have specific bereavement angels.

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