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I finally bit the bullet and purchased an artifical tree after years of insisting on having a “real” tree as I just love the smell of pine (even though I AM allergic to it:-) Now I am wondering why I didn’t get an artifical sooner! I can put it up whenever I want (and leave it up for longer than my husband would have thought was possible for a “Christmas” tree), not have to water it or pick up needles, and it is so much easier to decorate. No hiding those big gaping holes of the real trees (that somehow would appear AFTER the tree was purchased, brought home, and set up.)

Many of the trees we carry come in a variety of sizes and often come both unlit and prelit. If you are looking for something very specific that you haven’t been able to find, and that we don’t carry, we can loan you a catalog to look at and see if you can find something to your liking. Generally, we order trees in January for the upcoming season and most tree companies can’t accept orders after late-summer so our supply is probably at it’s peak around that time. Although we are happy to do a special order for you, it is often not possible to get the tree after the summer season (but we’ll try!) We also offer 15% off any 5′ or taller in-stock tree until October 31 and our easy layaway plan makes both the price and free storage until your November or December pick-up a breeze for you. We also have a few “specialty” trees that create some stir, including our upside down umbrella tree and trees in unusual colors. Of course we can’t have all the trees on display so let us know what size you are looking for and we’ll take it from there.