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Jillian's Clay Collectibles

  • Stop by for the latest and greatest of jillian’s new designs!
  • NEW fall and holiday designs
  • the BEST selection that we’ll have for the season!

It sure is nice to have something hand made….and/or something made where you live or visited. Voila! We will introduce Jillian’s Clay Collectibles to you if you aren’t already familiar. Every whimsical piece, whether it’s a snowman, a santa, an angel, a pilgrim or a ghost, is hand-sculpted by Jill, who resides in Elmira, New York. Very limited in number, Jill sells only to a couple local stores and through a few local craft festivals that she attends each year. Her designs are ever-changing and each “batch” seems cuter than the last. As you can imagine, the closer we get to Christmas, the lower our stock gets (and when it’s gone, it’s gone by the time we get to that time of year) so don’t wait until the last minute! Affordable Jillian creations are good gifts any time of the year….whether you are stuffing the Easter baskets with ducks or bunnies from the Jillian collection…or sending that October Birthday gal the latest harvest creation. Our problem is keeping enough in stock to make a presentation because as soon as Jill brings us in another shoe box full of her creations, they start selling immediately. We don’t wonder why---they are just too darn cute!