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Department 56

Alpine Village Series

A Christmas Story

Addams Family

Christmas in the City Series

Dickens Village Series

Dickens A Christmas Carol


Harry Potter

The Munsters

New England Village Series: RETIRED and DISCONTINUED:-(

Nightmare Before Christmas

North Pole Village Series

The Original Snow Village Series

The Original Snow Village Halloween Series

General Village Accessories

General Halloween Village Accessories

  • The Department 56 motto sure does sum up their collection! Perhaps you know of Department 56 for their collections of villages? Or maybe you’ve received a Snowbaby from a special someone? Well, Department 56 is all that and so much more. Folks are often surprised to pick up something in our shop and see that it is made by Department 56. Check out their website at if you’re not familiar with this terrific company.

So…what DO we carry? I’ll first mention that we were a Department 56 Gold Key Store…and were since the very first year the award was given until they no longer gave that special award. For those of you familiar with Department 56, that will tell you the attention we pay to detail in our scenes and of our product knowledge. For those of you unfamiliar with the award, well…perhaps it will suffice to say my head is swelling a bit just THINKING about it! So…back to the original question of what we carry. We have on display the full line of current Department 56 houses listed above and accessories and also all of the Snowbabies (unless someone just purchased the last one!) We also have a number of older retired village pieces remaining in stock.

Our catalogs for both the Villages and Snowbabies are free just by stopping in at our Maple Avenue store. Perhaps if you circle your wish list pieces, Santa will take note (this is, of course, assuming you have been a good boy or girl this season).

OHMYGOSH…I almost forgot to mention our cabinet of miniatures. We have an old library case that is filled to the brim with non-D56 items that are terrific additions to your village scene, dollhouse or outdoor railway. Too many to mention, you really must plan some extra time to go through all those little drawers!