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Baby Gifts

Ornaments & More!

An ever popular baby item is our huge selection of Baby’s First Christmas ornaments. Many of these can be personalized and the prices start at around $6.50. The closer we get to Christmas the more our selection dwindles so if you have a new baby in the family, you might want to get their ornament early! A favorite tradition of grandmas (and some aunts) is to purchase an ornament for their grandchild/niece each year. What a nice idea and the child has a nice collection by the time they leave home (although mom & dad’s tree won’t look nearly as nice when that time comes). I STILL have the ornaments my grandmother gave me and they are some of my favorites. We have some very cute bibs this year and we have them for Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Holiday Memories. They were just too cute to pass up and “perfectly priced” at $10. - $12. for the little one in your life. We have other baby gifts than what we’ve listed, but these were some of our favorite (drats…I forgot to mention the pricey but unique baby backpacks for the modern mom…well you’ll just have to stop in).


What is a “Taggie”? Well, remember when your children loved to rub the satin edges, tags or labels? Based on that same idea, two young moms (one of whom is originally from Elmira, NY and still has family here---YAY!) created the idea of wonderful blankets and toys that are loaded with tags that the little ones love to play with. Each tag looks and feels different and no two tags are alike. For example, each tag has either a different print or texture. So a “Taggies” item serves as both a security item as well as an activity. Babies love them…but so do their moms. We carry all three sizes of the blanket and most of their plush toys and books as well. The “Taggie Toes” are just the cutest little booties that when folks see them they try to think of someone to buy them for. They are THAT cute! As you can imagine, our selection is always changing as we never know how many grandmas or baby shower folks will show up in any given week! To learn more about Taggies, feel free to visit their website at (but please come back to buy them with us:-)

Mary Meyer Plush

The Mary Meyer Company knew a good thing when they saw it! Long known for their oh-so-soft plush baby gifts and toys, they have teamed up with the fine folks at Taggies and are now offering their creative line that combines their plushy-plush with the Taggies Tags. Although these items are new to the market, they have already come up with rattles, teethers, activity animals and plush animals. I recently gave the HUGE plush frog at a gift shower and the note I received back said, in part, “You always give the BEST gifts”. Thanks Mary Meyer. Thanks Taggies.