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Fundraising Opportunities

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In this day of having to do more with less, we receive many inquiries for assistance with fundraising for worthwhile organizations in our area. The Christmas House is committed to contributing to the community that supports us and we particularly like to support the favorite causes of our regular shoppers. Due to the huge increase in requests this season, we have developed a form in the hopes that it will make our decision making just a bit easier for us. We meet every two weeks to allocate our donation budget (but we really wish that we could fund ALL of these worthwhile causes that we learn about). Please stop by for a form and learn more about our allocation process.

We have a new, and popular, “win-win” opportunity we started using in 2014. To thank the folks who are supporting your endeavor, we provide a “thank-you” gift to each of your attendees. The offer changes but past offers include a free satin strip scarf or a savings certificate of $5.00 off a $20 purchase.

Fundraising Opportunities

We have also had some success with other types of fundraisers that we assist local organizations with. They have included (but not are limited to…so let’s come up with an idea together!):

As you can imagine, some of these endeavors can take quite a deal of planning time (3–6 months isn’t uncommon) although others can be done in a much shorter period of time. Give us a call at 607–734–9547 if you’d like to sit down and brainstorm some ideas with us!

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