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Gift Ideas for Special Events

Gifts for ALL Occasions

Although folks often think of us “just” for Christmas gifts, we have gifts for just about any occasion that you would want to give a gift for. Not just limited to the list below, please check with us for ALL of your gift giving needs.

Top Five Baby Gifts

  1. Taggies blankets, especially the middle size for $19.99. Little ones just LOVE the tags on these and we are especially proud that one of the two moms who came up with this terrific gift is originally from Elmira.
  2. Mary Meyer Stuffed Animals is a new line for us but has been hot, hot, hot. We carry the plush pieces that feature the Taggies tags. Prices range from an $8.99 teether to a $40. frog (most are under $20.)
  3. Baby’s First Christmas ornaments always make a special gift or a special tie-on for your package and parents are always pleased. I am surprised how many showers I attend where my gift is the only one with a Baby’s First Christmas ornament attached. Sometimes the ornament seems to be a bigger hit than the gift itself!
  4. Kid’s Juke Box allows the child’s name to be put on a CD up for 40 times (with a number of different songs). Now I don’t know that the baby realizes it’s his/her name, but the moms and dad sure love it!
  5. “Cute as a Button”, a new line for us, has stolen the #5 spot from another (still very cute) baby line. Cute as a Button features ornaments that are packaged in such a great looking gift box that you just KNOW the gift inside in special. Once you open it, you’ll find a small “blankie” that nestles a beautiful glass ornament with a hand-painted design. They also offer some very cute banks but the ornaments are what are stealing the show.

Our Top Retirement Gift Suggestions

Folks usually purchase something either related to the retirees occupation or their hobbies (which we hope they are going to be enjoying more of!) We also carry some more “generic” retirement gifts like frames, a retirement clock (but you need time to get it personalized so it’s not good for a last minute gift) and the Mark Twain prints if they are from our area. Our favorite new gift (good for promotions, retirements, and other major life-changing events) is a book by Dr Seuss called “Oh the Places You’ll go”. I received this book as a gift when I bought The Christmas House (thank you Sam) and it is still one of my favorite gifts that I have ever received!

Our Top 5 Secret Pal Gifts

Secret Pal gifts are VERY individualized but our top areas for these gifts (which often have to cost less than $5.00 or $10.00 each) are:

  1. Candles or candle-related accessories
  2. Fashion Jewelry, especially bracelets & pins
  3. Dip Mixes, Fudge/Chocolate, or other food products (we guess that most folks like to eat!)
  4. The decorative Christmas “bulb” necklaces that go out of here by the gazoodles (OK…I might have made up that word!). Anyway, our VIP customer Jackie single-handedly put this item in the top 5 and pretty much started the trend in our area, but we think these necklaces, for only $1.99 to $2.99 each, are hits for a secret pal gift during the holiday season.
  5. Ornaments always work out well as they are easy to “match” to the individual’s hobbies, job or lifstyle.

Our Top Five Hostess Gifts

The top five changes depending on the time of the year but our non-seasonal top five are:

  1. Ornaments are still number one in this category!
  2. Dip Mixes or other food-related products
  3. CDs (the musical ones, not the money type:-)
  4. Candles
  5. Serving dishes or containers.
  6. I had to add number six (so I didn’t have to put these items in the top five…really) but folks love to give our humorous beer coasters (with drinking games on the back), beer and wine bands (how to describe? A cross between the silicone bracelet and the wine charm), humorous “quiz” books, etc.

Our Top Five Housewarming Gifts

  1. An ornament celebrating the new address.
  2. Candles-and we offer both Yankee and Beanpod candles as well as a host of other accessories.
  3. Wallhangings of a great variety can be found here.
  4. Serving containers of various sorts but one that’s sure to fit your budget and their style.
  5. Jim Shore’s Heartwood Creek Collection---I think there is just so much high perceived value that folks buy a Jim Shore piece if they don’t know what else to buy! Lotsa “bang for the buck!”

Top Five Teacher Gifts

  1. Our Gift Certificates are available in any amount!
  2. Notecards, Sticky Notes, Stationary, Greeting Cards---these are all items that most teachers appreciate as they go through so many!
  3. 2008 Calendar. Our Lang Calendars features a teacher calendar but also calendars for folks who like animals, babies, whimsy, etc.
  4. Again, Candles and accessories are always a great gift and we have a price range that will fit every budget!
  5. Frames are always appreciated (don’t we all have those photos hanging around waiting to go into a frame?)