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Gift Ideas for Men

Gift Ideas for Men

Most of you will agree (or at least the women probably will!) that shopping for the guys is much more difficult than shopping for women. Why men think that 3 pairs of shoes is all they need is beyond me but hey….that makes more room in the closet for all of ours so who are we to argue. Often, men don’t have any idea of what they might like, except to say they don’t want another tie and they already own 3 white button-downs. So that leaves it to us to figure it out. So…taken from dozens, if not hundreds, of women who have done the job ahead of you, see if any of these might fit the guys on your list.

  • The Illuminator is a wind-up flashlight (and was our NUMBER FOUR ITEM last season) and this year the price went down to just $14.99. Unbelievable little gadget that ALL OF US will love. This year, it is available in silver, red or blue (and we also offer pink for the ladies). Great for the home, the car, the camper and the boat. Just wind it for a minute and you’ll get an hour of light from it. If you need light longer than that, you just wind some more. It never needs batteries OR light bulbs. Cool…but how does it work? I’m not positive, but I think it runs by “magic”.
  • Golf “stuff” galore if you have a golfer (guy or gal) on the list. We do a publication later in the year that features lots of golfer gotta-haves such as a digital scorecard/pedometer, a monogram stamper, a message minder, golf distance finder (huh?), a screen cleaner, a swing meter (it even talks!), a stress relief ball, a photo club cover, a regular scorecard, a utility belt and the ever popular “Putt Straight” aid. Great prices too…lots of items in the $20. and under range
  • Man’s Great Escape: The Barbeque Grill. So we have BBQ brushes, a griller’s utility belt, a hotdog roller for the grill, a marinating tray, a marshmallow toaster (great for “kids” of all ages) and the BBQ fan and light combo. For fun, we even have a “talking” fly swatter to keep those pesky bugs away. Maybe some of our marinades and mixes from our gourmet food cart might work with this theme if you are putting together a basket or trying to stuff a stocking.
  • For the guy that travels often, we have some great locks that TSA allows you to use on your luggage. Also luggage tags and a luggage cart, travel comfort pillows, the Travel Sentry locking strap, a world-wide adaptor, and a voice recognition travel alarm. If the travel is done in the car, check out our auto neck and back massager, the auto escape hammer, a voice activated CD holder, and an auto marker board. For those of us in colder climates, we carry an electric windshield scraper, a lock de-icer, an ice alert/thermometer, a plug-n-heat thermal mug, and a heat/massage back cushion.
  • Trivia buff? Try our Quizmo games, our trivia mini-books, or one of our two golf challenges. We also have some fun family board games that you won’t find at just any store, a target shooting gallery game, an electronic hoops challenge game (and another that inflates), and even a punching bag!
  • For the office we have the very popular Mark Twain prints, some funny post-it notes, a humorous office mini flip chart (funnier if he’s NOT the boss), a desk-sized office fish tank, and a pretty good selection of mugs and frames for his desk.
  • Department 56 Villages. I mention this here because so many men love putting up displays of Christmas (or Halloween) villages. Makes up for us not giving them room for that HUGE train set that they really want!
  • The wine con…coniss…lover….., will enjoy our accordian wine rack or the wine bottle vacuum sealer or neoprene carrier. Of course you should probably buy some Finger Lakes wine to go with this gift to make it a BIG hit!

These are some of the hits but we have other great gifts, depending on your guy’s interests. We even have a spinning TV organizer for the couch potato!