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Gift Ideas for Men

Gift Ideas for Men

Most of you will agree (or at least the women probably will!) that shopping for the guys is much more difficult than shopping for women. Why men think that 3 pairs of shoes is all they need is beyond me but hey….that makes more room in the closet for all of ours so who are we to argue. Often, men don’t have any idea of what they might like, except to say they don’t want another tie and they already own 3 white button-downs. So that leaves it to us to figure it out. So…taken from dozens, if not hundreds, of women who have done the job ahead of you, see if any of these might fit the guys on your list.

  • Man’s Great Escape: The Barbeque Grill. Check out our Foodie Area for kichen gadgets and grill needs (including some great BBQ sauces). He’ll be happy…you’ll get fed. Talk about a win-win!
  • Department 56 Villages. I mention this here because so many men love putting up displays of Christmas (or Halloween) villages. Makes up for us not giving them room for that HUGE train set that they really want!
  • The wine con…coniss…lover….., will enjoy our selection of wine slushie mixes, brownie mixed and dip mixes. Of course you should probably buy some Finger Lakes wine to go with this gift to make it a BIG hit!
  • Sports Team ornaments. We don’t have every team in stock but we sure stock a great selection of our local favorites!
  • “Local” books…meaning books of our local or regional area and even one of Eldridge Park.

These are some of the hits but we have other great gifts, depending on your guy’s interests.