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Local Gifts

Hestia Ornament Series

  • Originally designed as a fundraiser for the Horseheads Women’s Group, what we have in stock as of this writing:
    • Teal Park
    • Brown’s Pharmacy-SOLD OUT
    • Horseheads Free Library-SOLD OUT
    • The Depot-SOLD OUT
    • Horse’s Heads (Horseheads)---SOLD OUT
    • Zim House
    • The Station-SOLD OUT
    • Hanover Square-SOLD OUT

Books of Local Interest from New York History Review

Queen City Adventure

  • by Mrs. Emma Latier, Elmira, New York 1902

Emma had a heck of good time in the Big City. She was a young married woman from Wayne, New York who came to Elmira, New York with her husband Floyd. They took advantage of the high life in the “big city.” Elmira was a grand place in 1902 with a population was 35,000 and rising. Upscale shops, opera and theatre, fun activities at Eldridge Park and Rorick’s Glen, and fine restaurants kept Emma busy. Elmira was also a main railroad hub with sixty-seven trains each day coming and going in all directions. Harper’s New York & Erie Railroad Guide gave Elmira the nickname “Queen City of the Southern Tier.” This is Emma’s “Queen City Adventure.”

Big Book of Pictures (our best seller at The Christmas House)

  • Softcover 160 pages: $19.95
  • Wonderful postcard and photographic views of Elmira, New York in beautiful Chemung County. Vintage images date from the 1850s to the 1940s.
  • More than 140 black and white images including views of Elmira - streets, buildings, post office, factories, Steele Memorial Library, Elmira City Hall, Chemung County Courthouse, the Armory, Arnot-Odgen Hospital, Star-Gazette, Rathbun Hotel, clock tower, Chemung River, Wisner Park, American LaFrance, Arnot Art Museum, St. Joseph’s hospital, Elmira College, Eldridge Park, Rorick’s Glen, Arnot Mill on Newtown Creek, Quarry Farm, Lake Street bridge, Main Street bridge, Arnot Gas Works, Delaware, Lackawanna & Western depot, Lehigh Valley depot, Mozart Theater, Gleason’s Water Cure, Brand Park, Grove Park, Philo Poultry Institute, Elmira Heights, the State Line Hotel, and Elmira Heights.

Store Fronts

  • Storefronts - Elmira, New York
  • Softcover 52 pages $12.95
  • Shopkeepers in Elmira, New York were always proud to pose in front of their stores. Enjoy these beautiful old photographs from the turn of the 20th century.

IN THEIR HONOR: Soldiers of the Confederacy, The Elmira Prison Camp

  • Softcover
  • In their Honor: Soldiers of the Confederacy - The Elmira Prison Camp respectfully remembers the men and boys, and tells their stories.
  • Research by the author has brought awareness of the soldiers’ relationships - brothers, fathers and sons, cousins and friends. Descendants of the soldiers have contributed harrowing stories of survival or despair. They were captured together. Some made it home.
  • In their Honor includes narratives from prisoners’ families, and a complete revised list of the Confederate dead at Woodlawn National Cemetery.
  • Softcover edition $21.95

Our Own Book - A Victorian Guide to Life

  • Paperback 332 pages: $29.95
  • Homespun Cuisine, Health, Romance, Etiquette. Raising Children and Farm Animals
  • This wonderful book is a reprint of “Our Own Book” first published in 1888.
  • Over 600 old food recipes including Boiled Bullock’s Head, Economical Veal Soup, Beef Balls, Frizzled Beef, Knuckle of Veal, Brooklyn Cake, Good Girl’s Cake, Railroad Cake, Isinglass Jelly, Gruel, Calf’s Foot Jelly, Invalid Apple Pie, Hasty Pudding, Flannel Cakes, Queen Pudding, and Fried Mush. Make your own barn paint, indelible ink, ginger beer, shaving soap, waterproof glue, cologne, violin varnish, and more. How and when to take a bath. What to feed sheep. Answers for all of life’s questions as a Victorian person!

Victorian Pride - Forgotten Songs of Central New York

  • Spiral bound 120 pages: $18.95
  • First in our series of historic hometown sheet music books. Victorian Pride - Central New York heralds the songs written in or about the towns Elmira, Binghamton, Canisteo, Ithaca, Chenango, Tioga, Rochester, Syracuse and Utica.
  • The songs here date form 1841 to 1885. Songs include “Elmira Schottisch,” “Cayuga Mazurka,” “Little Barefoot Waltzes,” “Life on the Susquehanna,” “Vale of the Canisteo,” “Oak Leaf Schottish,” “Rochester Free Academy March,” “Binghamton March,” “Susquehanna Waltz,” “Syracuse City March,” “Tioga Schottish,” Utica French Academy March,” “Canisteo Polka,” “Effie Carrol,” “Margery,” “Rochester New City March,” “Chenango Polka,” and more!

Victorian Pride - Forgotten Christmas Songs 1853–1885

  • Softcover 80 pages $24.95
  • This sheet music book is perfect if you enjoy a Victorian themed holiday season brimming with elegance and gentility. *Wonderful old holiday songs include “Christmas Bells,” “Merry Christmas Polka,” “Dear Old Christmas Story,” “Santa Claus Galop,” and many more written between 1853 and 1885.
  • Sixth in a series of historic American sheet music books.
  • 80 pages. B
  • Beautiful Victorian Christmas music that is long forgotten.

Victorian Pride - Favorite Songs of New York State

  • Hardcopy CD $17.95
  • played by the George Bailey Orchestra
  • 62 minutes

Beautifully mastered historic music of towns and cities in New York State during the Victorian era. For lots more info click here. Listen to the samples on iTunes before you buy.

Wooden Replica Buildings/Ornaments


  • Our Brandywine replica wooden buildings share a bit of historical information on the back of each piece and a fond memory, current or past, of the actual building itself on the front. For a full listing of the buildings that have been produced, visit our Brandywine Villages page!


  • Wooden Ornaments of local interest that are of the “cut-out” variety include the following:
    • Popcorn Truck
    • The Christmas House
    • Notre Dame School
    • Welcome Sign (both costumed and non-costumed)
  • New in 2009 are wooden decorated wreathe ornaments with a local building or church inside each wreathe. This year’s selection includes:
    • Park Church
    • Trinity Church
    • St Anthony’s Church
    • Centenary Church

We are celebrating “Church Week” December 1–7. During that week, 10% of the church ornament sales will go to the designated church. Additionally, when someone buys one of these custom keepsakes, 10% of any other purchases they make will also go to the churches.

  • We hope to have one or two more of the wreath ornaments before Christmas but we’ll let you know for sure when they become available!

Eldridge Park Carousel Preservation Society Ornaments

  • 2013: EPCPS ornament is the Thunderbirds Flying Scooters ($30+)
  • 2012: EPCPS has released an finely painted brass ornament of the 1950 Crosley Firetruck.
  • Other local painted brass flat ornaments $8.95
    • The Christmas House ---SOLD OUT
    • Mark Twain’s Study—SOLD OUT
    • “The Elmiran” Trolley—SOLD OUT