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Gift Ideas for Birthdays

Our Top 5 Gifts for Women- except Sisters

  1. Willow Tree Angels
  2. Jewelry (our selection changes all of the time so we won’t tell you what’s hot this week until you come in!). That said, our Annaleece Jewelry is a top seller and our new dichroic glass jewelry is causing a lot of commotion too!
  3. Candles and Accessories---Yankee is still our #1 candle line but Beanpod (a soy candle) is gaining ground! We also have our custom line of candles, Twain Country Candles, that represent our area and crackling wick candles from Wood Wick. For those of you who don’t want (or can’t) have flames, we have a line of flameless candles---and some are even scented!
  4. Jim Shore’s Heartwood Creek Collections---the Santa’s are still number one in this collection even though he also does angels, snowmen, Disney, and other non-Christmas related items. New this year is a Rudolph themed collection and later this fall he will be releasing a Wizard of Oz grouping.
  5. Magic Scarves have finally been edged out of the #5 spot by Ne’Qwa Art. The beautiful Ne’Qwa Art line includes ornaments/mantel art as well as fragrance lamps and tealight holders.

Well…What About Sisters?

Our top selling sister gift is the pillow that says “I smile because you’re my sister…I laugh because there’s nothing you can do about it”. Unbelievable. Beats all of our great sentimental gifts (like “sister” bracelets, comfort candle, ornaments, Willow Tree angels, etc) by about 10 to 1. So my sister isn’t the ONLY tormented sister out there!

Our Top Five Gifts for the Guys

  1. The Illuminator Flashlight---just wind it up and never have to worry about batteries or bulbs again! This year, it will come in 3 different colors!

  1. Village buildings by Department 56 take our number two spot as they are often chosen due to a particular profession or theme.
  2. Brandywine Buildings, specifically the Elmira Landmark series. Each $20. wooden building tells some of the history of that particular building on the back. Great for history buffs, locals and those who have moved away from Elmira but still think of it as “home”.
  3. The Dr. Seuss book, “You’re Only Old Once” has been a big hit for both men and women…but make sure your recipient has a sense of humor!
  4. Gadgets- we sell all sorts of gadgets related to golf, the grill, the car and the home. No one particular item is “it” in this category as they all do well and it depends on your guy’s interests.

Our Top Five Gifts for Teen Girls

  1. Webkinz Plush (on-line) pets really seem to work for any age group (including my 57 year old husband). Our in-store computer is hooked up directly to the Webkinz site so we can show you what all the hubbub is about!
  2. CROCS shoes. They tell me the entire swim team in Horseheads wears these ugly-but-oh-so-comfortable shoes that come in lots of colors and can be worn as either a clog or a slingback. Our number one customer for these are people who work on their feet all day and need comfy shoes so we admit to being a bit surprised when the girls liked them too!
  3. Animal clocks- that make the sound of the animal instead of the alarm sound. Heck…it if really does get her to get up in the morning it’s worth it!
  4. Jody Coyote earrings---EVERY age loves this earring line and we’ve been a bit surprised how many of the younger gals are coming in regularly to buy them.
  5. Jewelry, Jewelry, Jewelry. These kids just love the “baubles”---and the glitzier the better!

Gifts for the History Buff

  1. Brandywine’s “Elmira Landmark Series” of local buildings. All are just $20. each
  2. Mark Twain Prints. $60. - $100. The best-selling one features Samuel Clemens sitting on the front porch at Storm Field (which locals often mistake as Quarry Farm), wearing a white suit.
  3. German Cuckoo Clocks, Nutcrackers, and Smoking Men---Although these aren’t old, folks love the history behind these finely crafted items and know they will be their family’s future heirlooms.