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Gift Ideas for Birthdays

Our Top 5 Gifts for Women

  1. Gourmet & Kitchen. We have a great selection of fun kitchen gadgets and of Mark Twain Country Foods to bring some fun (and ease) back into entertaining.
  2. Jewelry (our selection changes all of the time so we won’t tell you what’s hot this week until you come in!). That said, some of our top lines include Silver Forest Earrings (made in VT), Earth Angels bracelets, Gingersnaps Jewelry and Blue Lustre Rings (now 50% off)
  3. Vying for our #3 spot is a tie between Ladies Accessories (Leggings are now $9.99 and our selection of readers and sunglasses is top notch) and our Home Décor area of both sentimental and fun signs.
  4. Jim Shore’s Heartwood Creek Collections---the Santa’s are still number one in this collection even though he also does angels, snowmen, Disney, and other non-Christmas related items.
  5. The beautiful Ne’Qwa Art line includes ornaments/mantel art has edged it’s way into our #5 stop. Stop by and you’ll understand why!

Our Top Five Gifts for the Guys

  • Does it surprise anyone that our FOOD area is the most popular for the guys. Of special note is anything to do with grilling or hot sauces.
  1. Kitchen and Grilling Gadgets…YES…kitchen is also in the top 5 for the guys!
  2. Village buildings by Department 56 take our number two spot as they are often chosen due to a particular profession or theme.
  3. Brandywine Buildings, specifically the Elmira Landmark series. Each $25 - $30. wooden building tells some of the history of that particular building on the back. Great for history buffs, locals and those who have moved away from Elmira but still think of it as “home”.
  4. Gadgets- This category changes for us each season but there’s always something “techy” for the guys on your list.

Gifts for the History Buff

  1. Brandywine’s “Elmira Landmark Series” of local buildings with a description on the back ($25 - $30 each)
  2. Local Fundraising gift: We support several local organizations by offering their fundraiser gifts for sale (River Friends, Eldridge Park Carousel Prevention Society, Southport Historical Society come immediately to mind)
  3. Books. We love to showcase books about our area.
  4. German Smoking Men---Although these aren’t old, folks love the history behind these finely crafted items and know they will be their family’s future heirlooms.