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Weddings & Anniversaries

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Our Top Five Wedding Gifts

  1. Number one for several years running has been the Ornament Sets from Old World Christmas. That said, many of our customers like to make up their own “sets” for the special couple. The ornaments from Old World Christmas each come with an attached card that tells you a bit of the history or folklore about the piece. Do you know the story behind the pickle? How about the carrot? The spider web?
  2. Gift Certificates are our #2 wedding gift, although we think they are good for any occasion.
  3. ‘’‘Fontanini” (and other) Nativity sets are something the couple will love and when the babies arrive, they are pretty kid proof too.
  4. About 10 years ago, Ne’Qwa Art took this #4 slot and it continutes to hold that spot. These are SPECTACULAR! No sales pitch here but let me just say “Wow!”
  5. ‘’‘Willow Tree” pieces (different ones but especially the nativity, and either the “Promise” or “Together” pieces

Our Top Five Anniversary Gifts

  1. Ornaments are our number one gift and for those special anniversaries (25th, 50th) we have special ornaments just for those.
  2. Frames-some folks have said that they plan to put a picture in the frame prior to giving it. We also have some multi-photo collage frames that are nicely priced.
  3. China, specifically glass bowls that they then fill with something related to that anniversary (see the list below for ideas)
  4. Brandywine Buildings -especially popular when the couple has some relationship with the building (they got married in the church, worked at City Hall, or took the trolley tour together, for example)
  5. Last but not least…something FUNNY! We have several ideas that might fit the special couple. We all know you have to have a sense of humor to be married!

Traditional and Modern Anniversary Gifts

SeventhWool;copperDesk Sets
NinthPotter willowLeather
TenthTin;aluminumDiamond jewerly
EleventhSteelFashion jewerly
FourteenthIvoryGold jewerly
Twenty-fifthSilverSterling silver

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Weddings & Anniversaries

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